New Release!

Sarah’s Search for Santa, A Different Kind of Christmas Album:

Sarah’s Search for Santa  In this Christmas fairy tale set to music, a mysterious stranger leaves a mushroom-shaped ornament on Sarah’s Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. The young girl hurries outside to find the man she believes is Santa Claus, only to find herself in an unfamiliar forest, looking down at a mushroom that looks just like the ornament she found hanging from her tree. Soon a talking reindeer introduces herself, and promises to help Sarah find the real Santa Claus. Thus begins a magical journey through space and time that culminates in a Solstice ritual in a painted cave in Ice Age Europe.

Didgeridoo Music:

Electric Earth Music  Perhaps the most dance-able didgeridoo music you’ve ever heard. Here’s a few videos from Electric Earth Music: The War On Drugs  Dance!   Crash

John Hardin Live Electric Didgeridoo  Thirteen totally transcendent electric didgeridoo solos by John Hardin recorded live at The Hemp Connection in Garberville CA.

The Big Picture  The Big Picture grew out of an ongoing radio show produced by Amy Gustin and John Hardin called The Living Earth Connection. The Living Earth Connection airs on KMUD Community Radio in Humboldt County. The Big Picture, like The Living Earth Connection examines the underlying causes of the environmental crisis and seeks to change our vision of our place in the world. This album contains the complete musical performance featured on The Living Earth Connection #9


Music for Circuit-Bent/Homemade Instruments:

Nightmare Castle features The Orchestra of the Unwanted, a collection of unique musical instruments I built from recycled materials, found objects, and circuit-bent electronic toys. These instruments do not look or sound very impressive on their own, but these very crude musical instruments with their thin, weak and coarse voices, work together to conjure dark spirits suitable to accompany black magic, demonic possession, reanimation of the dead, or the pursuit of immortality through any of the dark arts.  Here are some videos from Nightmare Castle:   The Girl With the Knife In Darkness He Waits  Nightmare Castle

Vintage Startraveler is a collection of instrumental electronic music created with the GeoSafari Modular Analog Synthesizer, a crude homemade synthesizer I built from scratch, and housed in an old electronic game. Watch me demonstrate it here: youtu.be/Xmuv4zlCq5c Here are a few videos from the album: Vintage Startraveler  Native Planet  The Visitor

Magic Light One  A collection of noise compositions collaboratively created by a circuit-bent Casio ML1 and John Hardin. Circuit bending the ML-1 unleashed tremendous untapped creativity. This little toy keyboard became a prolific composer of original music with a distinctive aesthetic. After extensive listening and experimentation, I began editing, overdubbing and adding my own parts to the ML-1’s spontaneous compositions. For Post-Apocalyptic Noise Fields for Active Listening, I have curated a collection of of these collaborations for active listeners to explore.  Here is a video from ML1: The Supreme Joy of Spontaneous Creation

Instrumental Meditation for Instruments Made From Recycled Materials and Found Objects Amy Gustin, producer of the radio show The Living Earth Connection (www.livingearthconnection.wordpress.com)asked me to compose an hour long instrumental meditation featuring my collection of one of a kind musical instruments that I created from recycled materials and found objects. The show aired on KMUD, Redwood Community Radio

Tin Can Luminary  Um… Uh… Gum… Eh?  A new album of highly original, eclectic and humorous music by John Hardin and Amy Gustin recorded using a unique collection of home-made and circuit-bent instruments.

Guitar Music:

Hallucigenia Sparsa Never Turn Your Back on the Sea  Recorded live, in concert with nature.  From John Hardin’s 1999 tour of the US, Never Turn Your Back on the Sea features solar powered electric guitar improvised to accompany the sounds of natural environments across the country.

Hallucigenia Sparsa 1-G-707+FX   One musician, John Hardin, armed with a left-handed Roland G-707 electric guitar plus some effects.  This album of improvised guitar solos was the first album I produced off-the-grid in my, then new, solar powered studio.  I recorded this album of guitar solos in preparation for my 1999 tour.  One cut from this album has become the theme to a radio show called The Living Earth Connection.

Hallucigenia Sparsa In 1997 John Hardin released his first solo CD, Hallucigenia Sparsa, named for an unusual fossil he saw at the Smithsonian.  Hallucigenia Sparsa was mastered on VHS HiFi, which should tell you how old it is, but now that it has been 20 years since it’s original release, I have re-released it with a bonus track, and a couple of videos.









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