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Electric Earth Music is your online portal to Catlandia, John Hardin’s off-grid solar powered studio in Northern California.


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Orchestra of the Unwanted

See pictures of John Hardin’s unique, homemade musical instruments made from recycled materials and found objects.


A growing collection of music videos, performance videos and documentaries.  Feature articles about me and my music, as well as links to my radio shows, including programs that feature local artists who produce original music in Northern California.


A definitive listing of all EEM recordings stretching back more than 20 years.


Learn about educational workshops.  Do you want to learn to play the didgeridoo, or have a group of kids you need to entertain for an hour or so?  I offer a didgeridoo workshop suitable to young children.  Perhaps you would like to learn how to build a synthesizer, or an amplifier, or circuit-bend electronic toys, or build unique electro-acoustic instruments.  I can teach you, or plan a workshop to show your group how to do it.





Recent Posts

Covid-19 Trilogy

Late in 2019, a novel corona virus infected human beings for the first time around the city of Wuhan, China. In time, both the US, and the Chinese governments would accuse each other of releasing the virus as an offensive biological weapon, but most virologists assumed that this new disease had evolved naturally from a … Continue reading Covid-19 Trilogy

“Matilda” the Electroacoustic Zither

I spent the Summer of 2019 traveling around Europe in a Mercedes-Benz estate car we named “Matilda”.  At the end of the Summer, and after putting more than 13,000 km on the odometer, we sold the car, but kept the license plates as souvenirs.  Recently, I made one of the license tags into an electroacoustic … Continue reading “Matilda” the Electroacoustic Zither

New Album: “Dance DJ*” (*Didgeridoo Journey)

The pandemic has given me lots of time to make music in the peace and quiet of my off-grid studio, but put a lot of obstacles between my music and its audience. Not only have all of the gigs been canceled, but because all of the libraries and cafes are closed, I can only access … Continue reading New Album: “Dance DJ*” (*Didgeridoo Journey)

Live Performance in the Forest

All of the live venues are closed, but I can still play live in the forest.  Here’s a taste: Living Off-grid is even more isolating now that all of the wifi cafes and libraries are closed, but it hasn’t stopped me from making music.  It just makes it more difficult to share it with you, … Continue reading Live Performance in the Forest

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